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Our Story, We've loved every minute of our journey

Reflection of a Humble Beginning of Knights Monumental African Methodist Episcopal Church the Vision of its Founder Reverend Georgia Knight-Henderson.

It is said that Reverend Knight-Henderson had a vision to build a church. She prayed often and hard. Rev. Knight-Henderson had a vision that Stockbridge would grow, she diligently prepared her members by laying a strong Christian foundation that would enable them to become productive Godly citizens of the community where they live. She also desired for the church edifice to be able to receive the community so that persons from every walk of life and ethnic background could be empowered through the Holy Word of God. She knocked on doors and brought the word to all who would listen.

She saved the financial blessings that she received from her evangelistic journey until she was able to purchase the land on which she built this church in 1955. The building of the church began around 1957. She took up the shovel and hammers and labored along with others to build this church. Two of the present members helped build this church: Brother B.J. Slaughter and Mother Nellie Densley.

Reverend Knight-Henderson decided to have the church dedicated by laying the Cornerstone in 1958, thus marking the origin of this church. She was the church’s first pastor. She reached out to the African Methodist Episcopal Church, an organization founded by Bishop Richard Allen and 15 other members in 1587. Reverend Knight-Henderson determined that the church should unite with the African Methodist Church because the principles and beliefs were the same. She believed in the social, economical and spiritual liberation for each of God’s people.

Reverend Knight-Henderson lit and raised the torch that has been keep burning by committed, dedicated Pastors and members through the years. The Church has had 12 pastors since including its present pastor, Rev. David A. Morrow. We give all the glory to God and recognize the sacrifices that Reverend Knight-Henderson, her family, and other families made that allows the present day worship and praises to be raised from this church.

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